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Hide your images. Choose from camera, downloads or others. Set a password.


Arrange your photos into named folders, making it easier to find photos or browse your collection.

Also hide your pictures and videos in a secret mode, to view privately.

For visible Gallery pictures:

Move photos from Camera or Download into Holiday, Friends, or whatever you like!

You can choose the folder name and the location on your phone's memory card.

For hidden pictures:

Set a password to open the secret mode.

Arrange your hidden pictures into as many folders as you like - Gift Ideas, Confidential Work Items, Nights Out etc.


Over 270 five star ratings!

Why choose File Cover?

1. Multiple-select to hide:

Easily choose lots of photos to move or hide at once.

2. Arrange your hidden pictures and videos into folders:

Unlike other apps you can arrange your collection into subfolders.

The folder view displays a random picture from each one, to remind you of the contents.

3. View photos in a grid or a "sliding" gallery:

Choose your favourite viewing mode to easily browse your hidden photos. You can order your photos by name or date order.

4. Slideshow mode:

Set a time interval to show each picture in the slideshow mode. You can also view in a random order.

5. Zoom mode:

Use pinch to zoom, if your device supports it, or the on-screen controls. You can choose whether to view in fullscreen or to see the top status bar.

6. Share via email or mms:

You can share your hidden photos via other apps such as MMS or Email.

(You can automatically reduce the picture sizes as you share, if you want.)

7. Encrypt photos:

File Cover normally just renames photos but you can encrypt the format, so they can't be viewed by any file browsers.

You can also set the app to make filenames random when hiding.

8. Kill on screen-lock:

Set the app to automatically close when the screen-lock is activated.

9. Video playing options:

You can play all the videos in a folder, in portrait or landscape. You can also view one video and set it to loop continuously.

You can mute audio before playing a video.

10. Video browsing options:

Set video names and browse by thumbnail.

11. Long press options:

Long-press your images for more options such as rotate, move, delete etc.

Long-press your hidden folders for more options.

12. Icon is called "File Copy"

This is the same as another free app, which allows just the moving of visible Gallery pictures.

If you're interested you can try the free version, called "File Cover Free, " which allows you to hide up to 12 pictures.

Or you can try the full version. If you decide it's not for you, if you email your Google marketplace number we can refund your purchase.

If your Android device supports these formats then File Cover will too:

jpeg, jpg, gif, png

mp4, 3gp, 3g2, wmv, m4v, avi

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